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Board Member Precincts Realigned

When new census information becomes available county governments often realign voting districts within the county in an attempt to equalize the number of voters in each area.  Summit County recently went through this process and have created new voting districts or precincts in the South Summit area. 

Because South Summit School District Board Members are elected from each precinct within the district boundaries, this realignment means the areas our current board members represent have changed. Usually when this type of realignment occurs school districts end up with two Board Members living the same precinct. Fortunately, the new precincts for the South Summit School District have only one of our current board members living in each precinct.  The following map shows each precinct and the name of the currently serving Board Member who represents that precinct. 


This fall the following precincts will be open for elections.  Precinct #1 includes all the residents of Oakley City.  Board Member Matt Leavitt represents this precinct.  Precinct #2 includes all residents of Kamas City.  Board Member Craig Hicken represents this  precinct. Precinct #3 includes all of the residents of Francis City.  Board Member Jim Snyder represents this precinct. 

Two precincts will not be open for elections until the fall of 2014.  Precinct #4 includes Peoa, Weber Canyon, Kamas East, East side of Marion, and Samak.  Steven Hardman is the current board member representing this area.   Precinct #5 includes Foothill Drive, Woodland, unincorporated areas of Francis and the west side of Kamas Valley. Matt Flinders is the current board member representing this area. 

More information will soon be available at the following county web site: